MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture (4th Year)
Undergraduate degree in Classical Civilisation

"I've been playing squash for about 4 years, but only began playing regularly in my first year of university. Since my first year I have worked my way up into the Women’s 1st Team and become Performance Sport member. I have previously held the positions of Charity Secretary and Vice President of Sport. I'm looking to help Squash grow as a Performance club at the university but also make Squash a more accessible sport. I have recently been involved in the national #SquashGirlsCan campaign to involve more women in Squash and am keen to bring this campaign to the university. I also strongly believe that sport is key for tackling the stresses of university and want to promote an active lifestyle alongside studies to ensure that our members are healthy and happy!" 

Finn headshot 2.jpg

Vice President of Social

MCHEM in Chemistry (4th Year)

"I had played squash casually before coming to Warwick and joined the club in my second year as more of a social member. Since then the people and experiences have kept me around and wishing I had joined in first year! As VP Social, and last year as social secretary, my goal is to get everyone involved in the weekly socials and to use these events to get people who have never played before involved in Squash. If you ever have any questions about the social side of Warwick Squash then feel free to message me, or come talk to me at any of our events (I'm usually the one shouting a lot in a rubbish costume)."

Vice President of Sport

Computer Science (2nd year)

"I love squash. And not just the Robinsons’ sort! I was introduced to the sport by my dad and continued on to represent my club and county. Warwick Uni is a fantastic place for serious squash players and also those just starting out. Being an exec member this year is a way for me to show my gratitude to the club and hopefully give back to a sports club that already excels both competitively and socially. In reality, I came for the squash but stayed for the socials."


MMATH in Mathematics (4th year)

"I joined the squash club in my second year, having played squash casually with friends for a few years before university. I really wanted to improve, so went to the intermediate and experienced coaching courses and am now a member of the squad. I went to a lot of the socials as well and got to know a lot of people - and ever since, squash has pretty much made my uni life. I was previously the Charities Secretary and now hold the position of Secretary and I want to keep fully involved in the club's growth and outreach."


History (2nd year)

“I joined squash in my first year, having played squash casually a few years before uni. Last year, I was a member of the squad and keen to improve my squash, taking part in the many opportunities squash provide, such as tournaments, coaching and leagues. This year, I am in the newly created Women’s Second Team which has been a great experience so far. On top of all these sports events, squash socials are also great fun. As Publicity Officer, I hope to promote Squash as a club so that more people join and have as much fun as I am!”

Sports Exec

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MPHYS in Physics (4th year)

"I joined the squash club in my first year but had been playing for a bit before that. I was league and ladders secretary last year and can probably be found at the squash courts most evenings! Last year I made the Squad and played a number of Warwickshire fixtures. If you have any questions feel free to message me or email."

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Chemistry (3rd year)

"I joined the club in first year going to socials, and started playing squash half way through my first year at the beginner coaching sessions. I think the club has a great balance between sport and socials and has a lot to offer both beginners and advanced players. My highlight with WarwickSquash was the tour to Budapest - some incredible memories, but what happens on tour..."

ALex Jay Headshot.jpg


MA in Professional Education (1st year)
MMATH and 1 Year PGCE

"I started playing squash 5 years ago at the WarwickSquash taster sessions when I joined Warwick University. I have been in the squad since my 4th year. I joined and stayed because I enjoyed the sport and because the members were some of the most friendly, welcoming and fun people I’d met and I've enjoyed it so much I just won’t leave!"

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Economics (3rd year)

"I played squash when I was younger for about 5 years but stopped playing for a number of years until coming to university. In my first year I joined the Men's squad and have since climbed up the rankings into the third team. In my second year I was social secretary alongside Finn. As tournament secretary I'd like to start a racketball tournament within the club!"

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ross mackenzie
Leagues & Ladders Secretary

Mathematics (2nd year)

"I played squash a few years before coming to university and WarwickSquash was a great way to carry on playing. The club was so welcoming I wanted to give back prompting me to take an exec position. The sport side has allowed me to develop my game and improve a lot. The socials are great and POP! with squash is the highlight of any week."

FINN MEINECKE premier squash league secretary

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (3rd year)

“I started playing squash in second year after having come to some socials as I wanted to get more involved in the actual sport. PSL is such a great thing for us to have because it combines seeing some world-class players but also because it gives us the chance to work together as a club to run these events, combining sports with social aspects. That’s why I aim to get everyone involved in some way from the keen fresher to the long-standing member.”

Social Exec

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social secretary

History and Politics (3rd year)

"I played squash casually before I came to Warwick and joined for the opportunity to continue playing and meet new people. I found the socials one of the most enjoyable aspects of my first year of Warwick and decided to take a role on the exec to further the experience for myself and all new and current members. The club is friendly and welcoming, and everyone definitely knows how to have a good time! Budapest was a personal highlight, something I'm sure will be topped in the coming year!"

Charlie R Headshot.jpg


English and Theatre (2nd Year)

"I had been playing squash for about 8 years before joining the club. As well as having had a great time playing for the teams I also became a big fan of the social scene and so I decided to run for the role of social sec. Looking forward to another great year with WarwickSquash!"

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BSc in Mathematics (2nd Year)

"I started playing squash in my 1st year of university. I’d always wanted to get into it and when I attended the first club night sessions and had the opportunity to get to know some of the people in the club, I knew that it would play a significant role in my time at Warwick. Whether you’re interested in the club for the sport, socials or even to watch some of the world’s top athletes perform right at our doorstep, I thoroughly recommend getting involved. A particular highlight for me was the opportunity to watch James Willstrop play at Warwick just weeks before he won Commonwealth Gold!"

ed headshot.jpg


Mechanical Engineering (3rd year)

"I started playing squash during my last year of school and haven't looked back since. As a club, significant effort is put in to ensure that each member has the chance to showcase their sporting talent on a regular basis, be that through weekly training sessions, inter-club tournaments of all abilities and BUCS fixtures. Socially we are one of the busiest clubs on campus, hosting an array of events almost every week with POP! on Wednesday remaining the best night out you can find around Warwick. On becoming Tour Sec, I wanted the opportunity to organise a week of outrageous fun as a return to how welcoming and friendly the club has been to me."