Mathematics (3rd year)

"Warwick Squash has been a big part of my university experience since I attended my first POP! in freshers week. I used to play squash regularly before arriving at Warwick, but now I play every week; at club night or for the teams. I believe that playing sport is key to maintaining a good work-life balance at university, and as President I am hoping to increase our club’s ability to assist its members in finding this balance. To do this I will be expanding mental health awareness within the club, and growing our capacity to support those who need help. At Warwick, squash is one of the top performance clubs and one of the top social clubs; it has helped myself and many others enjoy their university experience to the fullest, and my aim is to provide that for everyone this year." 


Vice President of Social

History (3rd year)

"I joined squash in my first year, having played squash casually a few years before uni. From being a member of the squad and going to the odd social, to being Publicity Secretary and being part of the Women’s Second Team, I’ve had a great time with WarwickSquash so far. As VP Social and Welfare Officer, I hope to make our socials bigger and better for the whole club! I’m always here for a chat so feel free to say “Hi” anytime (I’m usually the one in a cap or has serious Asian glow)."


Gwendolyn tan
Vice President of Sport

Politics and International Studies (2nd year)

"It’s quite funny to think that I wasn’t planning on joining WarwickSquash competitively when I went to taster sessions, as I’m now on our Performance Squad playing for our BUCS Women’s team, and I’m pretty much living in the sports hub. This year, I’ll be helping out with running the sports side of the squash club, from tasters and trials to club nights and BUCS, and as the University Squash Champion, I’ll be pushing for #SquashGirlsCan to involve more women in the sport! WarwickSquash is lots of fun and we’re a nice bunch of people so come on down to join us for some good times!!"

jack walters

Mechanical Engineering (4th year)

"Being part of a sports club at Warwick is something I highly recommend. I joined Squash in my first year, initially for my love of the sport, but quickly learned that the social side of the club is just as active (and often more appealing than some of the fitness sessions!). Through my three years of involvement in WarwickSquash, I have seen both the social and sport aspects grow to form a club I am proud to represent in a senior exec position. I hope that this year will show even more success in introducing new members to a sport I enjoy so much and providing excellent socials for the full university experience!"


ewan yeaxlee
PUBLICITY secretary

MORSE (2nd year)

“Before coming to uni, I was in two minds about joining WarwickSquash, as I thought I wouldn’t be good enough, due to only playing very casually with my mate for about a year before uni. What I found was that WarwickSquash are one of the most welcoming clubs on campus, and I fit right in! I went to a lot of club nights, where players of all abilities can be found, and many socials which I thoroughly enjoyed. As Publicity Secretary, I’m aiming to convince lots of people who are on the fence about Warwick Squash (like I was) to join!”

Sport Exec


ben firth

Politics, International Studies and Hispanic Studies (2nd Year)

"I played squash for my local club in Sheffield before uni, but joining WarwickSquash has allowed me to play and improve so much more. As Club Captain, I get the INCREDIBLY exciting job of organising our teams for Warwickshire League and BUCS matches each week, although I am looking forward to using my position to try to get more people playing squash and involved with the club. My role this year focuses on the sport aspect of the club, but I love the social aspect just as much (maybe more) so would definitely recommend Warwick Squash to anyone."


Lochlan walshe

Physics (2nd Year)

"I have been playing squash for most of my life, and joined WarwickSquash in my 1st year. There are a wide variety of group sessions for beginners, more experienced players, and those looking to try out a new sport. My goal for the year is to ensure that there is a session for those of all abilities, and to make the sessions as fun as possible. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message."



Mathematics (2nd Year)

"I played squash for 4 years before coming to uni, and the club has been a fantastic way to meet lots of great people. During first year I went to most of the socials, which I would definitely recommend, and also attended the club nights. This year as a Tournament Secretary, I am looking forward to running some well organised events, and watching some cracking squash!"


andrew youngs

Mathematics (3rd year)

"I started playing squash in year 12, when it was offered at my school as an option in PE. I loved it, and decided I wanted to play as much as possible once I got to uni! In my first year, I got involved in the sports side of the club, playing in all the leagues and tournaments. Alongside that, in second year, I started attending all the socials. I'm now one of the two WarwickSquash Tournament Secretaries (along with Oli Southall). I'm looking forward to using our new sports centre facilities to run all the internal and external tournaments the club runs as smoothly as possible, and want to make this year's inter-uni tournament the biggest and most successful yet!"


alex d’amario
Leagues & Ladders Secretary

Economics (2nd year)

"I played squash casually for a few years before coming to university, and I joined WarwickSquash so that I could keep playing regularly. I had so much fun playing in the box league and internal league in my first year, so I decided to become part of the exec. Of course, the socials are also one of the best parts of the club, and Pop! is one of the best nights of the week. This year I hope to expand the internal league to get even more people involved, as well as starting a racquetball league, so that everyone can give it a try!"


christian perkins
premier squash league secretary

Medicine (2nd year)

“I started playing squash in the years before I started my undergrad, then played throughout my time during my BSc. Since joining Warwick and WarwickSquash, I’ve become very involved with the club, both competitively and socially. PSL is such a great thing for us to have, because it combines seeing some world-class players while giving us the chance to work together as a club to run these events, mixing sports with social aspects. That’s why I aim to get everyone involved in some way, from the keen fresher to the long-standing member.”

Social Exec


max mazey
social secretary

Biomedical Science (2nd year)

"I tried out a bunch of sports societies in my first year, and really stuck with squash; a great bunch of people that know how to have a good time. I ran for Social Secretary, as I quickly discovered my love for purple and circles, and I’m sure you will too!"


ben joe

Management (2nd Year)

"I played squash a little bit at school, and went along to the Welcome Week events. Here, I met the old Social Secretaries who were very "convincing" about going to the social events. I instantly fell in love with socials, and have been to almost all events since; but, now I have the pleasure of running them. Squash has a really nice mix of fun people who like to drink, but know when enough is enough, and I cannot recommend it more. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Max or I on Facebook."


francesca johnson

Electronic and Electrical Engineer (3rd Year)

"Before university, the only squash I played was a few sessions in school sport. After attending the sports fair in Freshers, I found squash, and was quickly won over by how fun, friendly and inclusive the people were. For the first few terms, I was mainly a social member, so last year resolved to play more. So, turns out I’m not that great at actually playing squash - but it’s always great fun and an amazing workout, so totally worth it. Also, taking part in women’s training has allowed me to develop my play. One of the best things about squash is our range of socials. From our circling (predrinks for Pop!) to activities, such as bowling, we host some great events, something I’m going to help contribute to as Charity Secretary. I’m lucky enough to be able to organise some amazing, fun events and raise some cash for deserving charities at the same time. This year our charity is Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) who raise awareness for men’s suicide and prevention. It’s such a worthy charity that we have already raised over £150 for at the end of last term, and I’m confident that over the next year we are going to raise much more!"


harry skinner

Medicine (2nd year)

"I’ve played squash on and off since secondary school (depending on how behind on my work I am). As an undergrad I was Social Secretary, then President of UCL Squash, so I know how rewarding it is to work on the exec! Tour last year was one of the highlights of my year, and I’m looking forward to organising another great week this year; watch this space!"