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Week 1 POP - Slumber Party

WarwickSquash socials are back and it’s time to celebrate by reuniting at the Copper Rooms for a night you’ll never forget!

If you’ve missed the sweet taste of purple, or are looking forward to wetting your lips for the very first time, this is the event for you. We're kicking off the new year with a SLUMBER PARTY theme, so slap on your pyjamas/onesies/birthday suits cause it’s time to spin the BOTTLE.

Circle will start at 7pm and there is always a queue for drinks so be sure to get there early. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, so bring your friends and flatmates along to experience the most integral part of life at Warwick. You will need a circling ticket, but fear not if you don’t have one! Just message either Charlie Roberts or Jacob Gaby (your wonderful new social secs) on Facebook as we will definitely have a few spares for those in need.

Any other questions please message the WarwickSquash page, and click GOING on our event page!